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Yesteryear - Mybar Inspired

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Tracks: 16


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Tracks: 15

Past Demo CDs Overview:

Nate has now released 15 demo mix CD's over his time in the Valley. Starting with his roots in house, breaking through to typical hard house of yesteryear, revisiting a more progressive techy sound to Nate's current sets, predominantly made up of Hard Dance, Hard Trance and Hard Style.
(Some of these releases are shown below on Nate's 2006 Return Flyer)

"4 Year Wrap Up" - 9 July 2005

Having recorded his 'Finale' set July 9 2005, before heading north to further his career in Sound Engineering with ClubMed, Nate has returned and released it on 2 Discs for everyone to get their hands on.

COMING SOON : New Years Eve 2006 LIVE!

Disc 1

Bonus: Disc 1 includes N8's 2004 Set Intro

Disc 2

Released June 16, 2006 
Disc 2 - Released in the Club June 16, 2006.