How many times do we hear of the bedroom DJ, waiting it out for Lady Luck to take her course. It seems that so often in a young DJ's career, they make the start and then stagnate without getting anywhere. Fortunately for Nate, the blessing fell before he even knew what mixing was, and gave him a break straight into the industry. Nate proclaims to be a firm believer in the saying, "It's not what you know, but who!" As was the case, after be-friending a staff member at his favourite local club, getting his start and training in a nightclub as backup to the resident DJ.

A sweet beginning didn't stay that way though, as business went sour and the club eventually closed. Eager to pursue the DJ field in one way or another, he attained a job as a mobile DJ. A job that's generally hated amongst DJ's, but a valuable learning curve all the same. A curve that lead him back into two clubs in Surfers Paradise and landed him his own radio show at a local Gold Coast Radio Station. Adding "Tuesday Night Impact", an acid jazz and drum 'n' bass show to his profile, and once again meeting the right contact through his club work, managed an interview and warm up spot into the Brisbane, Valley Scene.

After establishing himself at Technomad Disco-Tech (re-named Matrix, recently closed down), Nate became known amongst regulars for his broad styles in genre. This lead to regular sets at Heaven Night Club, and the last addition to his profile, at The Beat Mega Club, amongst a crew including DJ's Edwin, Jason and Kostar.

After his first year in The Valley scene, Nate had already played supporting sets for such names as Carl Cox, Bomfunk Mc's, PeeWee Ferris, Paul Holden, Alex K, KCB, Bexta and last August on the same DJ list as Baby Doc & SJ, The Space DJ'z, and DJ Dr. Motte at the Advent*jah Team's Time Tunnel rave.

If you're interested in having N8 play at your Club, Venue or Special Event, please contact DJ N8 and make an Expression of Interest.